What the?!

Welcome to our blog!

Eliza Muirhead

and Janelle Ericksen

are both budding filmmakers in their thesis year of a Masters in Science Communication in Natural History Filmmaking at Otago University in Dunedin.

During 2010 they will be working on a film revolved around Animal Liberation (written by Peter Singer… read it!). They will be exploring what it means to be an human and non-human animal. What does this mean? Basically we are looking into meat eating (or not) and the effect it has on animals.

Still in the early stages of development any feedback, comments, thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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6 Responses to What the?!

  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. kavitron says:

    I am made of meats

  3. janelle77 says:

    yes yes you are! in facccct an interesting little story Eliza sent me


    About Aliens perspective of us… veryvery funny.

  4. James Kerr says:

    So, I’m a vego and here’s why.

    I stopped buying/eating cage eggs before I stopped buying/eating meat. The amount of cruelty that goes into cage egg production is monstrous, and I’d still rather eat meat than cage eggs. It was actually the film Baraka that prompted me to this action, although I’d been thinking it for a long time. This coincided with my moving out of home for the first time too, so I was able to control my diet much more easily, since I was buying and preparing all my food.

    This quickly led to me becoming vegetarian, which is based on condemning not just the suffering of animals, but a lack of respect towards them. I chose not to support an industry which doesn’t show any respect for the creatures, or ‘stock’, it relies on. A ‘humane’ lifestyle for the animals doesn’t justify the process of slaughter which ends their life, or the economic decisions which determine when a life is to end. In this sense, my vegetarianism is basically a boycott of the livestock industry.

    I’m not vegan, but I don’t eat gelatin, rennet, and I avoid leather whenever possible (although this has proven really difficult when buying shoes) because all of these products are linked with the livestock industry.

    It is also extremely easy to be a healthy vegetarian in Australia, which is where I live. There’s no reason to eat meat, so I don’t. I’m sympathetic towards meat-eating in other countries where perhaps it is necessary for health and nutrition, but if there are alternatives available then obviously that would be favorable. If there is no alternative then respect is my main concern; if the animal is treated with respect then I have little problem with it.

    I have no aversion to meat itself. Because of this, I think I could easily eat ‘lab meat’, or meat that was not killed (perhaps no nervous system?). Never actually tried this though, so I’m not sure. Again, it seems a waste of resources to grow flesh when it is perfectly easy to be vegetarian.

    Hope this is useful. If you want to ask any questions then feel free, or I can send other vegos with different justifications to my own your way if you like.


  5. James Kerr says:

    I also have a friend who was vego for a few months and got extremely ill. Don’t know if it was directly related to his diet, but it certainly made him begin eating meat again. On the other hand, I’ve been vego for over 3 years and had a blood test last month which revealed I was fit as a fiddle. And fiddles are damn fit.

  6. James Kerr says:

    Also, if you need some tales of meat-eating culture then I have some great ones; some of my friends build their entire social lives around the consumption of meat. In fact, why don’t you just email me if any of this will be useful..

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