and filming begins

It’s been a while since our last update and lots has happened!

November came along with our departure from cold and rainy Dunedin (Eliza to Melbourne, myself to Auckland). While Eliza set up our talent in Melbourne (Peter Singer, Patty Mark, Pam Ahern, a pair of adorable calves and the pig that played BABE – now retired!), I met up with our talent in Auckland (Jeffery Masson).

Jeff is a world-renounced author who has moved from writing on human psychology to studying and writing about the emotional capacity of animals.  Jeff is an inspirational writer! He takes his audience on an emotional ride, which allows us to look at the topic in a new way. While highly intellectual, Jeff is incredibly laid back and friendly. Jeff opened up his home to me without a second thought, giving me hours of his time to discuss our project and my own personal journey with vegetarianism. Jeff gives a new meaning to having pets as part of the family. Jeff’s dog is included into conversations and he actually waits on the dog’s response before continuing. Jeff has a unique understanding of animals, which we hope to capture when we interview him in a couple of weeks… Check him out Two of his books, “The Face on Your Plate” and “The Pig That Sang To The Moon” are our favourites.

Eliza and I have just returned to a sunny Dunedin from the heat of Melbourne where we had the honour of interviewing Peter Singer (Author of Animal Liberation). Prof. Singer is often quoted as being the “father of the Animal Liberation movement” and after inviting us into his home for a ‘quick’ interview we found out just why he came to get this reputation. Apart from writing one of the most powerful books on the status of animals in society he was a joy to interview. No other person can answer a question so succinctly. In the words of our sound guy, Ollie “I wish I could carry him along with me to BBQ’s and pull him out everytime someone asks me why I don’t eat meat”.

If Peter Singer is the father of the Animal Liberation movement then Patty Mark is it’s Mother. Singer and Mark shared the front row of protests together in Melbourne in the 70’s. However, in the last decade or so they have divorced there views on the right way to think and act on Animal Liberation. Patty Mark is an incredible person working hard with the organisaiton she sounded, Animal Liberation Victoria ( ALV are an abolitionist group who believe that the best way to improve the situation for animals is to abolish their ownership status in society. Patty has been involved in countless open rescues and now faces imprisonment … updates on her story to follow.

… Patty Mark and some members of her rescued menagerie

Next stop was Edgars Mission ( where Pam lives and works with many lucky farm animals in a sanctuary that she runs and funds all on her own. It is really an amazing place and she is an amazing advocate for animals. It is also the place where we found the stars of our film ….Hansel and Gretel but more on that later.

Pam with Mrs Peaches a very happy and very retired film star …

Capturing some great (and surprising) footage of these people as well as a few animals along the way, we successful gained all the footage we need in Melbourne plus some.

For now we are content on logging footage, more updates to follow shortly!


… and Eliza

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