The Sanctuary

Hello for March!!!

Our week of filming in Auckland began at sunrise on a Sunday morning as we headed two hours out of Auckland to a beautiful place called The Sanctuary.

Shawn and Michael run the Sanctuary on their own with the help of the occasional volunteer, otherwise known as a WWOOFa (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms).

After “living the corporate life for too long” the couple now spend their days living and working, with the resident (just to name a few) donkeys, goats, ducks, pigs, ex egg laying hens, ex meat (broiler) hens, dogs, MANY other native bird species.

WOOFA Volunteer

The Sanctuary does three main things…

1) rehabilitate and re-home ex-battery hens

Some ex-battery hens finding out what grass and soil feel like under their feet… these three were still getting their feathers back and were re-homed later that day. However, they weren’t traveling far… only next door in fact. They had to be transported in cages so that they didn’t flap around and injure themselves. It was hard to watch their panicked faces as they were lifted into the cages that were about the same size as what they had spent most of their lives in. It was impossible to tell them that it would only be for 10 minutes but i’m sure they found out soon enough…

2) to rescue and release native birds

Here is a Herron, free to come and go but still learning to scavenge for food, patiently waiting for Shawn to chuck it another piece of meat as it learns to catch moving food…

3) and lastly to act as a permanent home to abused, neglected or unwanted animals. Such as this lovely troupe (leaving their own sad stories behind them as they now call The Sanctuary home)

Janelle and I had an amazing day out at the Sanctuary. It’s hard to believe these animals had a rough time with humans as they showed us so much trust but maybe they were just thankful to be safe now.

The Sanctuary also offers a Bed and Breakfasts which I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get out of the hustle and bustle of Auckland city see their website for more information

That’s all for today! More updates on Auckland to come, including an interview with Jeffrey Masson, author of ‘The Face On Your Plate’ and ‘When Elephants Weep’.

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  1. such a noble work what they do on this sanctuary 🙂

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